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US Essayist is a one-stop academic service company. Owned and operated by Oxbridge Researchers Ltd., a primarily British-owned company, with American partnership and management, US Essayist firmly believes that its success depends on your success. You are our partner, not just customer.
We at US Essayist have listened to complaints about the custom research writing service industry in general and our competition, specifically and have addressed them. Recurring complaints and concerns are:

Fear that the work you receive is not original

Ownership if work produced: We, at US Essayist, does not recycle any papers produced for our customers. The work you receive is produced to your order and is original. It will not be re-used or re-sold. You can rest assured that you will not find a copy of your research project somewhere on the internet or available for someone else to use.

Resale of the work produced for you. Many companies in the industry retain the right to resell your work after a specified time period. В The law-abiding ones amongst them clearly inform their customers of this practice and allow the passage of sufficient time before they resell, for the purposes of protecting their customers. В The problem is that a great many do not inform their customers and resell or publish the work produced for you at will. В US Essayist does not, at any time, sell the work produced and paid for by any of its customers.

By addressing these major concerns, US Essayist stands apart from the majority in the industry.

US Essayist has distinguished itself from its competitors in the following ways:
US Essayist provides you with quality work on time, every time.

We have available, upon request, a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement for you peace of mind.

US Essayist does not make false claims about our staff or our credentials. We are completely transparent about our researchers and writers. We hire both ESL and native English writers. Irrespective of nationality, all our writers possess flawless research, writing and language skills, and impeccable academic qualifications. We hold our writers to the highest standards possible.

US Essayist is owned and operated by Oxbridge Researchers Ltd., an authentically British, American and Australian owned and managed company.
We do not use any form of negative marketing. We stand by the strength of our company and do not deride our competitors.

If, for some reason, we feel we would not be able to complete a project to the high standards possible within a certain deadline, we will direct customers to one of our friendly competitors who may be able to do the work in the necessary time frame. We do not make promises that we cannot keep just to get your money; our reputation is our key concern and our reputation is, ultimately, in the hands of our customers.

Because we partner with you, US Essayist offers the most comprehensive customer experience available in the industry. We do not simply deliver your project and thatв\s it. No, we take the time to explain the work in detail. Only when you thoroughly understand the paper do we call the job complete.

We offer top money-back guarantees for every major aspect of our writing service.

We honestly care about your academic performance.

If you have a writing or research project that you don’t know how to accomplish, if you are worried about your grades, or you’re just feeling overwhelmed by all those deadlines closing in on you, contact US Essayist. We can help.

We are no strangers to accomplishing what needs to be done to ensure your academic success.

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