Top 10 ideas to Increase your Odds of Finding a Job Today!

Considering the current recession with unemployment staying above 10%, there are literally thousands of hopeful people vying for the same opening. It’s an employers market where they can pick and choose from the cream of the crop when hiring. So how to make sure you can get your foot in the door with an interview? Decrease the odds. You have to make your resume, cover letter and application stand out from the others.

Here are some tips on doing just that:

1) Tailor your Resume to feature experience and skills that match the position you are applying for – if the opening requires writing experience, your resume should highlight your writing almost like a portfolio would.
2) Do not use a generic resume – this is a complete turn-off as is a generic cover letter.
3) Do not send a resume that is several pages long – create a one page resume and at the bottom list that a more in depth resume can be sent upon request.
4) Your cover letter should address what job you are applying for, have the name of the company in it as well, and be specific as to why you are the best suited candidate for the position. Be confident but not arrogant.
5) Š’ If possible, inject a bit of humor in your Cover Letter – it will stand out in the mind of the reader.
6) Do not have any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes in your cover letter or your resume.
7) If you are completing an application, make sure the employment information highlights your skills and experience that match the opening being offered.
8) Fill out your application as completely as possible.
9) Make sure your contact information is clearly listed on your resume, cover letter and application.
10) Use nice white business paper – cotton preferred – do not use colored paper as it is usually viewed as unprofessional or not being serious.

There you have it – just a few ideas to get you noticed with your next employment application.

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